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E11 tells the story behind the first ascent of Rhapsody, a route considered to be the hardest traditional rock climb in the world. Told in an offbeat dramadoc style the film attempts to understand what it takes to climb a route of this standard. E11 strives to get inside the head of its first ascentionist, the understated yet quite remarkable Dave MacLeod.Oh yeah, it's also packed full of ankle smashing, gear ripping, monster falls!

“An alarming insight into the utterly obsessive psyche of world class climbers… Compulsive viewing.” – Joe Simpson

“One of the best climbing films ever made. heart-pounding reality” – Climbing Magazine

“E11 may be the best climbing film I've ever seen” – Rock and Ice

“This is, hands down, one of the very best climbing movies I've ever seen.” –

“In its quieter moments, it is a love story that involves climbing; in its spectacular moments it is an unsurpassed climbing film that sweeps everything before it…” – Stone Country

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